BBB Launch Party 

Happy sunday beauties! , how are we on this nice sunny day? (Sorry if its not sunny in your town!) 

     Yesterday was such an amazing day and it was also the day of the Buffalo Black Book launch release party. Such an amazing experience and I had such a blast! I had the opputunity to meet so many awesome people and even some people that I followed on Instagram. The event was well put together and everyone was super sweet! So S/O to BBB for the Invite! 

This was the perfect event to attend just to get to know people , meet people from the Book , and get a little bit of your networking on. So many drinks , food , laughter and of course pictures and business here and there! 

I invited my two good friends / business partners Malik and Daria and they looked amazing! We enjoyed our time but of course we had to work in between the fun which is pretty normal 


I love the cover of the books! 

Quick Tip for you guys , always attend an event where you can network and build / promote your brand! and always make sure you come off as a genuine person because it gets you places! If you have a dream KEEP GOING! 

– Xoxo beauties! 


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