Top 6 Skincare products for the summer

   Hey Beauties!

 Yes yes ,  I am already investing in summer skincare products! I’m on time right? 

In the summertime I am overly dramatic when it comes to my skin. I love to have that glowing look without having to put an overload of make up on. Last summer my skin was not the way I wanted it to be , if I didn’t wear make up my face looked so dry even if I put a moisturizer on it. So I promised myself that I would stay dedicated and keep my skin up to part.  

First things first I’m going to start with these three mask that I picked up from Macy’s. I was never really a big fan of masks because the ones that I used to use would irritate my skin and that obviously irritated me… so when I picked these up I got the smaller size because I wanted to make sure I liked them and that my skin liked them as well and thank goodness it turned out to be a success! My skin feels SO good after I apply these masks. 

Overnight Mask (Green bottle) – I use this one at night of course and leave it on my face overnight. When I wake up I rinse it off with Luke warm water and Pat my face dry with a paper towel. My skin is already glowing after I wash this off my face this is why I love this mask so much. 

Clear Improvement Mask (Black bottle) – this mask is really good , especially for your acne. I only use this every two weeks and I usually apply it mid day

Original skin Mask (Pink bottle) – this is what I use after I take off the overnight mask just to give my skin a little bit of rejuvenation on top of the glow. I also only apply this maybe every other day. 

When I wake up in the morning I use Avalon organics Face wash just to wake me up a little bit and it works very well , this is a face wash just to use as cleanse for your face and to brighten up dark spots. The Caudalíe face mist is perfect perfect PERFECT! After I wash my face before I put ANY moisturizer on I spray this across my face in a “X” position , this spray is what really gets your complexion glowing and smoothes out your skin.

This was honestly probably one of my best investments for my skin , I know it’s just sunscreen but this was something that I was never ever consistent with using which caused my face a lot of dark spots from the sun. So when I picked this up I thought that it would definitely help out my dark spots and it definitely did , so after I wash my face and spray on the Caudalíe face mist, before I apply any make up (if i’m wearing any) this sunscreen is the first thing that I put on. 

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