Well hello there guys and gals, It has been quite some time.

On Today’s post, I wanted to share with you guys a little mini photoshoot that I did just for the fun of it, but also to get a little comfortable with the camera.

I got in contact with a fellow friend of mine, Malik who is a new up in coming photographer that is very familiar with doing photo shoots and is very well at it! I wanted to also do this shoot to show you guys a few different outfit ideas for spring.

Look # 1

Trench Jacket/Zara/54.99 Suede Pink Heels/Forever21/24.99 Belt/Forever21/19.99

I loved this look. It definitely gave me a falling into spring type feeling especially with my Suede baby pink heels!

Look #2

Dress/Boohoo/29.99 Boots/Public Desire/54.99


Another super cute look. I love this burnt orange dress with my tan thigh high boots. Definitely, a cute look to wear Mid-day or even on a night out with the girls (or your boo) The detailing on this outfit is perfect to me.


I feel like having the boots and the dress already gives you that perfect look! So I added only a pair of crystal gold hoops. These are SO my go to earrings if I want something classy but also something that pops!

Look #3

I LOVE this outfit!! The funny thing is that this one particularly was not planned. I had a whole other look in mind but I forgot a piece at home. I had no choice but to throw something together and this is what I got! I got such a “cool chick” vibe with this look. My pink clutch brings the girly look out and the Hoodie and glasses give you that “Badass” look! It’s always good to add a pop of color to some of your outfits that might look too dark or dead.

You can make anything look the way you want it to, as long as you know your colors and follow your patterns. I was never the girl to wear hoodies but knowing that I can style it how I want and make it look 10x’s better then it did before I added my accessories makes me so happy! This spring try new things and step out of that “ordinary” box! It’s always good to give yourself a different look!

; MaliksAlso checMalik’s Instagram

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