Hey guys and gals , how are we doing on this beautiful sunday? Hope well! 

So today’s topic is of course having healthy hair. I know we all love our hair and try our best to take care of it, but are we really doing everything right? are we putting the right products in our hair that’s suppose to be “healthy”? hmmm.. well that’s exactly why I’m glad you guys stopped by to check out today’s post. Today I actually featured someone that i met through Instagram because she basically has most of those answers for us! 

Her name is Alexis and she is a young girl like myself that is currently building her own brand In the hair business. Building a brand in the hair world is very familiar but everyone is unique in their own way. She’s very driven into making sure your hair is healthy and clean! and i love that!! 

So here are the products that She highly recommendeds for healthy hair! The product “Shea Moisture” is a really popular brand and really healthy for our hair in fact I even use it on myself sometimes! , and obviously as you can see in her picture here that taking vitamins is a plus! Taking vitamins is really good for your hair it gives your hair strength and causes for it not to break, just be careful because you can’t just take any vitamins. 

Instagram: aa_ms

So alexis of course believes in store bought products, but what’s wrong with taking it to the kitchen and creating your OWN at home? This is what i adore about it , she took the time to create something that can cure your hair and provides you with such a shine! She hasn’t put products out yet , but I’m pretty sure she will in the future to share with you guys. So the ingredients she has listed up top are 

  • Extra Virgin Coconut oil
  • Coconut milk
  • Banana 
  • Jojoba
  • Castor oil

All of these ingredients are super healthy for your hair. I think its super important (if you know what your doing) to come up with some ideas for super good conditioner for your hair , or even a hair mask. 

And this is Alexis! Your “BYOB” girl that is super driven and full of ambition! and look at how healthy her hair looks. Its super healthy from the roots down. I love seeing people in my age rage or even any age , but just seeing young people like myself promoting their brands and staying focused and positive on what they’re going for is so awesome!  

Before i end today’s post i want to thank whoever has taken the time to read and check it out! also i will be catching you guys up on some super cute #2017 fashion trends for myself and others! Stay tuned! 

      -Xoxo beauties 

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