December Favorites!!

Hey Beauties! , Thanks for stopping by to check out today’s post, I really appreciate it and happy holidays to you all. Love ya!

    Today i wanted to talk about my December favorites. November and this month are like literally my favorite two months. I enjoy it so much. 

Okay so if your reading this and your someone that  knows me personally, and if your not, the ones that know me know that i am a SHOPOHOLIC…I love shopping! but my favorite time to do it the most is of course around the holidays because sales are ootw (out of this world) I get the best deals and even going to high end stores that are usually sky high , you also catch really good sales. I mean who wouldn’t want to catch a good deal right??. So the items that i’m showing you guys down below that I purchased are my favorite items that i bought this month not only for style , but just for the cost in general! I’m not cheap guys (i just love buying things that i like for a good deal) I hope you like everything thing you see and i’ll tell you the prices as you read along! Xoxo

  • Outerwear faux suede coat // forever 21 // price sale $25

I love this coat its super warm when I tried it on and its soo freaking soft , i love it!

  • Heavy Turtleneck sweater // H&M // price sale $19.99

This sweater is so thick and cozy! When i saw how much this was i had to grab , usually sweaters this thick, the prices run really high but, what a great deal i got

  • Cardigan // Forever 21 // price sale $15

This is actually my favorite;favorite , because i love comfy cardigans just to lounge around the house in , wear to school , or just for a chill day at my fav coffee shop! 

  • Crew neck sweater // H&M // price sale $10.99

I used to go through this phase where i hated crew neck sweaters , like i could not stand them. One day  I was shopping and i’m thinking to myself like this is actually cute and it totally caught my eye. its super plane but cute and it even has a little zipper going down on the back of the shirt. I really liked this one. 

  • Turtleneck dress // Express // sale price $49.99

I seriously love this turtleneck dress! Its very cute and looks great with thigh high boots or even ankle boots , its also great for showing your curves! 

  • Suede ankle booties // EgoOfficial // $29.99

Omg my favorite! Okay I purchased these from and when they arrived, god i was in love! These boots are just the cutest and their so fun and edgy.

  • All black tote bag // Aldo // Sale price $50.99

I love this purse , its the perfect everyday bag and it fits everything that i need in it! It also goes with alot of outfits! 

  • All purpose bag // H&M // $20

I call this bag an “all purpose bag” because whenever i’m in a rush to go somewhere and i can’t find a bag , i always go to this one because its super cute and it gives your outfit more excitement just by the color of it! Its also a purse that you can rock all seasons! 

  • Hand wallets // H&M // $5 each

These little wallets are the cutest , i haven’t wore them yet but I definitely plan to , and just for 5 bucks each…. it doesn’t get better than that.

  • Coin purse // Forever 21 // $12.99

Okay you guys if this isn’t the most cutest vintage coin purse you’ve ever seen , then i don’t know what is! Since the day I bought this (which was last week) i have not changed it. I get so many compliments on it. My fave

  • Metallic lipgloss // forever 21 // sale price $6.99 – Anastasia liquid lipstick // Sephora // price $20 – SmashBox lipgloss // Sephora // sale price $15.99

These lippies are truly my fave! I don’t really like wearing liquid lipstick in the winter because its just too dry for me and I’d rather just go with a lipgloss but the Anastasia lipstick i do like! It doesn’t make my lips dry and it actually keeps them moisturized , but the lipglosses are definitely my favorite

  • Journal // Macy’s // price sale $30.95

Last but not least my journal/planner , Okay this journal gets me through everything and it keeps me up to date and organized! I write in here about things going on in my life , but i also do a lot of business planning and scheduling. I cannot go anywhere without it! 

           Okay guys that wraps it up for my December favorites! I hope you all enjoyed! If you’d like , comment some of your December favorites in the comment box! Happy Holidays beauties 


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