Sunday Girl Talk (Self-Improvement/ Relations With God) 

Hey Beauties!! , How was your weekend? Better yet how is your Sunday morning going so far ? I hope its going well. Lets start this sunday on a positive note. 

Nine West Ankle boots / Aldo Tote Bag / Forever 21 poncho / Fossil watch / Lucky Brand ripped jeans
So to start it off  i wanted to grab your attention today on a couple of things , i wanted to talk about self-improvement and relations with god but first i’ll start with self-improvement and the reasoning why is because over the weekend i’ve started to see a small change in myself as far as Becoming responsible and coming out of this shell that sometimes always find myself in. (This is very important to me) I’ve learned that if you want to grow as person and in other ways you have to come out of that shell and express yourself because honestly that’s what fashion really is , its not always about what your wearing its sometimes “how your wearing it” and “what your outfit is expressing” this just makes you more Confident and Bold

 Let’s also get on the topic of relationships with god! I love fashion and everything about it! but i would not have the drive and ambition that i have if it weren’t for god himself and me having faith in myself. I don’t go to church everyday but one thing i do is give 45 minutes out of my day (every day) and write to him , read scriptures, listen to T.D jakes on YouTube , all just to at least remind myself that if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be here, and of course my parents but you guys get what I’m saying here. I like to always take the time out and give thanks to him , just to show him that I’m appreciative and Thankful! Think about it beauties , you can’t just assume blessings are gonna come your way , if you don’t show god the effort and that you deserve them.

*Leave me some comments below on how you feel you can improve yourself more or even tell me how you improved into a better person today!* 

With all of that being said i hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and i can’t  wait to share so much more with you all! So please stay tuned.
-Xoxo beauties 

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