Hey there beauties! , before we get started. I know everyone has heard the horrible details about Kim K and her recent incident due to the robbery in her paris home during fashion week, i want to wish kim and her family all the best because she is still a human being just like the rest of us and the memes can be a little harsh. 

    Okay , so i know alot of you gals have heard about Public Desire which is an online shoe website with some of the baddest heels and boots ever!!! But for those that may have not herad about them , then let me put you on! I myself purchased a couple of pairs and received soo much love for the shoes!! 

These boots here are a pair that I received from the website Www.publicdesire.com these  girls are my favorite!!!! I love these boots! They are so comfortable and let me tell you, stylish isn’t even the word for these babies lol. I got them for about $59.95 Which is actually pretty reasonable for thigh high boots! So go checkout the website and spoil yourself a bit..it’s totally worth it!

*Outfit Details*

Shirt: Www.boohoo.com

Duster jacket: Www.boohoo.com

Boots: Www.publicdesire.com


Purse: H&M

Necklace: forever21

Hat: FreePeople 

                 For more info on kim k and her robbery incident read here on    http://m.eonline.com 

                                 -Xoxo beauties 

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