Excuse me? No what!


Hey guys!

So i want to talk to everyone about Alicia Keys and her #NoMakeUp Movement , yeah i said it no makeup! She has shared this movement with social media all over! Im guessing it is pretty amazing and she even did her recent music video “In Common” with a bare face.

For those who don’t know about this movement Miss alica has inspired us with she wanted to express to her fans and i’m sure her loved ones that may struggle with their natural looking’s,  to embrace their beauty and know that you absolutely do not need makeup all the time to succeed a gorgeous look , you can always go bare and look 10x’s more beautiful. I even did it myself and i was loving it! (I actually felt pretty godly if you ask lol) , dont get me wrong i love me some makeup but its always nice to take a break. If the beautiful alicia keys can do you guys as well can also!

-Xoxo beauties